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Kalimba Thumb Piano
Kalimba Thumb Piano
Kalimba Thumb Piano
Kalimba Thumb Piano
Kalimba Thumb Piano

Kalimba Thumb Piano

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🎁The Best Gift  For Parents. Friends and Children🎁

Meet Shopinsignia™ 17 Keys Kalimba

This kalimba is an absolute joy to play and so comfortable to hold. It is made with a mahogany wood body. The tines (keys) are handcrafted for better sound quality and softness when touched.


Unlike other cheap thumb pianos, kalimba uses a high-quality solid mahogany wood making of a resonance box and carbon steel making of keys that provide a better sound.

The steel keys, plucking resonance, makes so clear and bright sound.

Very little size and come with the carry bag so that you can carry it everywhere you go, use it to travel the leisure time.

How To Tune
To tune a kalimba is to actually adjust tines so they have the exact sound they are supposed to, according to which note a tine is designated to play.
1: Tuner:
You can use a real tuner or download an App.
Android system app: gStrings, Apple system app: Instuner.

2. Tune with a hammer:
Making tines longer (from the point where they are held down on the bridge) will lower their pitch, and making them shorter will make their pitch higher.

●INTERNATIONAL STANDARD C TUNE & PORTABLE. 17 keys / notes: 1(D), 2(B), 3(G), 4(E), 5(C5), 6(A), 7(F), 8(D), 9(C4), 10(E), 11(G), 12(B), 13(D), 14(F), 15(A), 16(C6), 17(E).

●Small size pocket piano , portable for performance, recording, family, outdoor, school, party, and relaxation.
Applicable People Beginner
Type Upright Piano
Number of Tone 17
Shell Material Solid Wood
Keyboard Material Multilayerd
Soundboard Material Multilayerd
Number of Keys 17
Weight (Gram) 600
Size 18*13*11 Cm

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