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It's really Not Heavy

NotHeavy is a heavy-duty, furniture lifting tool specifically engineered to make raising old and new furniture easier.

Easily position furniture anywhere you want in your home -- up or down stairs, along curved walls, or even elevated above floor level, while you spare yourself the elbow grease.

  • Move Heavy Furniture Easily
  • Glides Without Doing Damage
  • No Straining or Sore Muscles

Move Bigger. Move Easier.

I like to move it

Slide under furniture and lift with ease. NotHeavy makes things... well not heavy.

Sturdy design with 4 sliders let you move, lift and transport large objects up to 750 pounds easy.

Move your furniture out of the way for better cleaning and rearrange your room like never before, the NotHeavy gives you absolute control over how you want your living space to be.

Rolls Furniture Like a Dream

If You Have To Move It… Roll it

For carpets, wood floors, tile, and stone, the NotHeavy glides easily across most surfaces with no scratching or marking.

Non-skid sliders keep your floors scratch free while it's molded base distributes loads evenly and handles any type of furniture with ease.

Glide furniture around your home without the extra effort. It's really that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change directions while they are under the heavy object?

Yes! You can easily do this by changing the orientation of the sliders. Make sure all wheels are facing the same direction before moving the object.

How tall is adjustable base still waiting for an answer - how high can the adjustable base go up in (inches or cm) ?

About 8 to 9 inches. It is based on the provided slider stand.

How many wheels are under each slider?

There are 12 wheels per slider, a total of 48 wheels for all 4 sliders


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